Enlarged Prostate

For enlarged prostate, the key treatments are:

  1. Medical Treatment
  2. Holmium Laser for Enlarged Prostate
  3. TURP

1. Medical Treatment

Generally, early problem is controlled with medicines to relax prostate muscles or reduce the size. Medication is required on a long term basis, otherwise symptoms and problems would recur. Generally the improvement in symptoms and urine flow is significantly less with medicines than with surgery.

When the symptoms progress, fail to respond to medicines or patient develops retention, stones or repeated infections, surgery is required to remove part of prostate to open urine passage.

2. Holmium Laser for Enlarged Prostate

At Panchal Urology Centre, we offer Holmium Laser Prostatectomy, the operation aimed to remove the central part of prostate gland that enlarges due to ageing and causes pressure on the urine passage (urethra).

The procedure is performed with a special endoscope passed through the urethra. With the help of Holmium Laser, the central part of prostate is separated from the surrounding fibrous covering (capsule) and pushed into urinary bladder. Then it is cut by a special machine (Morcellator) into smaller pieces and sucked out of the body and sent for biopsy.

HoLEP - Holmium Laser for Enlarged Prostate

This technique was developed by Peter Gilling (New Zealand) and is being carried out successfully in the US, UK and Europe over last 5 years with excellent results, but the high level of expertise required for this technique has resulted in being available only in selected
centres in the world.

Why Us?

  • Dr Panchal gained 2 years (2007 – 2009) of specialised training and experience in various laser treatments at world-renowned hospitals; Frimley Park Hospital – Surrey, Guys and St Thomas Hospital – London and Cambridge University Hospital with the leaders; Tevito Aho (UK) and Peter Gilling (New Zealand)
  • We use highest power Lumenis Powersuite Holmium Laser machine - the world best machine for prostate enucleation combined with Lumenis Morsellator- the best device to remove the enucleated prostate from the bladder

Advantages of HoLEP (Holmium Laser) vs. TURP (Endoscopy)

Size of Gland Any size Not greater than 80 grams
Hospitalisation 1 - 2 days 3 - 4 days
Catheter Less than 24 hours 48-72 hours
Irrigation Not needed Usually needed
Blood Loss 1 in 10,000 10-15 in 100
Patients on anticoagulants, aspirin and with heart valves and coronary stents Safe High Risk
Recovery Very soon Few weeks
Risk of stricture, bladder neck contracture & impotence Insignificant High Risk

Advantages of HoLEP (Holmium Laser) vs. Other Lasers

  HoLEP Other Lasers
(Greenlight PVP, Thulium, etc.)
Biopsy to detect Prostate Cancer Possible Not possible
Published Laser RCT 8 2 (Greenlight); 0 (Thulium)
Amount of Enlarged Prostate Removed 82 - 91% 32 - 51 %
Treatment Cost Economical Expensive


This is the standard technique for the removal of enlarged prostate gland. In this technique, telescope is passed from urethra and small pieces of prostate are cut with the help of electric current passed through a metal loop. All pieces are washed out from the bladder.

After being trained in the UK, Dr. Panchal introduced TURP in Ahmedabad in 1988 and has performed over 4000 TURP surgeries with gratifying results. He has trained many urologists and surgeons over the years.
We still continue to offer TURP to patients who prefer this technique, as we have over the years.

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