Kidney Stone

1. PCNL with Holmium Laser

It is a keyhole surgery for removal of kidney stones in which instruments with small diameter are used for smaller kidney punctures. Laser, pneumatic and ultrasound devices are used in the process to fragment stones and there is very less bleeding in the process. With highest power Lumenis Powersuite Holmium Laser machine, even hard and large stones are fragmented quickly with less bleeding.

We are one of the pioneers in offering the PCNL treatment in India since 1988 and have over 1200 successful cases to our credit. Dr Panchal has vast experience in simple and complex PCNL in UK and India - single kidney, large and multiple stones, bilateral PCNL in single sitting, paediatric PCNL, stones with renal impairment with excellent results – high rate of complete clearance, minimal morbidity, conversion to open surgery in only one patient, no nephrectomy.


  • 2 days hospitalisation, usually
  • Complete clearance in over 90% cases in single session
  • With Holmium Laser, even large and hard stone is fragmented quickly with higher precision and less bleeding

2. Lithotripsy

This treatment is highly effective for small and uncomplicated stones only. In this treatment, patient lies on a special machine (Direx) which generate high pressure shock waves which pass through the skin to fragment the stones. Then the small pieces pass with urine through the natural passage.

Dr Panchal is one of the pioneers in lithotripsy (was second) in India since 1988. Dr Panchal has vast experience with various lithotripters (5 different manufacturers) over the years.

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