Ureteric Stone

Ureteroscopy with Thinnest Scope and Holmium Laser

In this procedure, the world's thinnest 4.5 Fr ureteroscope is passed under anesthesia per urethra into bladder and ureter up to the stone. Small stones are pulled out with various instruments and bigger stones are fragmented with high power Lumenis Powersuite 100w Holmium laser machine into smaller pieces which subsequently pass naturally. Sometimes, soft tube (Stent) is left in the ureter temporarily.

We are one of the pioneers in offering the ureteroscopy treatment in India since 1988 and have over 1500 successful cases to our credit.


  • 12 hour hospitalisation, usually
  • Minimal post-operative discomfort and complications due to the use of thinnest ureteroscope
  • With Holmium Laser, the fragmentation is more accurate and the chances of stone going up into the kidney are much smaller
  • Hard and large stones can be broken easily with minimal effect on ureter
  • Higher rate of complete clearance reducing need for lithotripsy

Advantages of URS with Holmium Laser vs. URS with pneumatic lithotripter

URS with Holmium Laser URS with Pneumatic Lithotripter
Minimal chance of upward migration of stone during treatment High chance of upward migration of stone during treatment
Very effective for soft as well as hard stones Less effective for hard stones
No mucosal injury or bleeding during treatment Some mucosal injury or bleeding during treatment
Reduced need for D J stent Higher need for D J stent
Used with rigid and flexible URS Used only with rigid URS

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